Elimination Diet

Hey guys,
Ok so I haven’t actually “cheated” today but I’m starting to think this isn’t the “diet” for me. Let me be clear: I’m not trying to lose weight. I was doing this to see if I had any hidden food sensitivities/to promote an overall greater feeling of wellness.
Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I have felt like sh*t every single day, or at least for an hour everyday. My face is broken out and my blood sugar is all over the place. I’m constantly dizzy and feel like everything is cloudy in my head. Idk, maybe I’m allergic to almonds and coconut. All I know is that my number 1 Healthy Living Rule is Listen to Your Body. And right now mine is telling me it wants bread! Sprouted, delicious, wholesome bread! With some avocado smashed on top! And maybe even a poached egg.
So as you can see, I’m not going to stop being mindful of what I eat. If anything I’ll be even more mindful not only of what I eat but how it makes me feel.
I think I’d like to continue using this as my food diary. What do you think?


Sorry I didn’t really post what I are yesterday but I went back to eating allergen free.
Today I had coffee with coconut milk and stevia and black beans with roasted butternut squash for breakfast. It was surprisingly satisfying!
For lunch I had leftover coconut curry chicken that I had made for dinner Sunday (crazy delicious). It’s weird, I honestly feel like I’m eating a lot during the day but then when I write it out it’s really not much at all…which is probably why I’m always so hungry around 3. So today for snack I had some walnuts, and a kombucha. For dinner I made a piece of pork tenderloin and leftover risotto and then I had coconut milk “ice cream”. It wasn’t that great, think I’ll stick to my tea! Oh I also had half a banana w toasted coconut and walnuts on my way to dance!
Sorry for the late post, we watched American Hustle tonight. I loved it. Have you seen it? What did you think? Well, I’m off to stick a breathe right strip on the snoring bear next to me, night!

so cheesy 😊 Let's get right to it! Breakfast, 1 large juice (kale, apple, carrot and ginger), some leftover Kombucha from the night before, coffee, almond milk, stevia, and a little vanilla extract and cinnamon (yummy). After Barre Fitness this morning (I'm trying to squeeze in any extra workouts I can, I've been slacking lately) I came home and had a bowl of leftover chicken, veggie, and quinoa soup. I am the leftovers queen. For snack @2:30-Apple Sammies with almond butter, a little flaxseed, and cinnamon. I also snacked on some radishes and had another small glass of green juice around 4. My blood sugar and general mental fogginess was a lot better today so yah! Dinner-Brown rice, black bean and chicken bowls. Mine had shredded lettuce, homemade salsa, avocado and some nutritional yeast to make it taste "cheesy". So delicious and so super filling. For an after dinner treat W had a slice of my moms banana bread it smelled heavenly but I was prepared. I sliced a banana earlier and rolled it in some walnuts and shredded coconut that I had toasted in the oven. I then froze my banana slices and voilà! A guilt and allergen free dessert! Also, I had a glass of red wine and waaaay too many macadamia nuts while I was cooking dinner, just keeping myself honest! Sweet dreams!

I seriously can’t believe Week 1 is already over! I am very proud to say that week one was a success without any cheats! (unless you count the teaspoon of honey I used to make salad dressing last night and tonight…I’m not.) I don’t know if it’s because I’m blogging each day and I feel accountable or if it’s because this isn’t a typical weight-loss diet plan where I can tell myself “oh eating one piece of this or just a bite of that isn’t going to blow the whole thing” in this case, it totally will and I’ll have to start from scratch. Plus I’m really enjoying the way this diet forces me to be totally aware of everything I eat or drink. Also, it has given me an opportunity to flex some creative muscle in the kitchen. Just this week I have; roasted a chicken in the crock pot, made chicken stock (in the crock pot), tested an almond flour banana bread recipe, cooked up a really delicious pork tenderloin with apples and quinoa, and for dinner tonight I made a baby kale, avocado, and blood orange salad along with some veggie and chicken soup. My crock pot has definitely gotten a workout this week! It’s currently cooking up some black beans I am hoping to use for dinner tomorrow night (I’m planning on making  Chipotle-style brown rice bowls 🙂

So other than feeling fine overall I still haven’t experienced any amazing effects of this diet (ie increased mental clarity…in fact, I’ve been in a fog most of this week) but right now I feel like my focus is really good so maybe it will kick in this next week (fingers crossed!). I’m also going to try a little experiment tomorrow, I have been seriously worthless from 3PM-4PM everyday this past week. Like, up and trying to function (today I tried to cook about 4 different meals at once) but my brain feels like it’s floating behind a cloud of cotton balls…sorry I don’t know how to explain it. But it happens, no matter how much water or caffeine I drink or what I eat, everyday! So today I finally got myself together long enough to make a green juice and the fog suddenly lifted. However, it was probably a little over an hour after the fog had set in so maybe it was just the timing, or maybe it was something I snacked on before I made the juice and it just took a little time to help my blood sugar, only way to tell is to see if it happens again tomorrow and the day after that…so for the next few days I’ll be drinking a green juice at 3 every afternoon. If that doesn’t work I may have to resort to nap time…

Speaking of, it’s after 1am and I have to be up in 5 hours (I’m maxing out at 6 hours for longest night of sleep this week, WAH!) so I know I’m like a broken record but tomorrow, ill post what i ate, i promise.


Edited to add:

What I ate Today:

For breakfast…honestly, I can’t remember having anything for breakfast. I woke up late and had to rush out the door, It’s very rare that I don’t eat anything for breakfast so I probably had something but I just can’t remember right now and it’s driving me crazy if you couldn’t tell.Anyway, I came home around 11 and had some chicken broth with veggies and quinoa (I made this for dinner too, it was super easy and really good! W loved it too!) I also have a tiny cup of coffee with almond milk and stevia  and then I was out the door again for a few hours. When I got home around 3 I started to cook/clean/walk around the house like a zombie. I swear I ate more than what I’m remembering but maybe these foggy afternoons are just low blood sugar. I totally snack while I cook, today it was on sprouted raw almonds, a handful of raw cacao nibs (I was hoping they’d give me an energy boost, and a few bites of apples as I made Green Juice). I also had a baby kale, apple, carrot and ginger juice that was delicious and totally invigorating. For dinner, like I said above, I had a baby kale, avocado, and blood orange salad and more soup. Then I went to Barre Fitness class and after that I had to close the bar so I bought a Kombucha and a Banana Bread Larabar to snack on while I was there. When I came home around 1am I made a cup of chamomile tea and heated up some leftover pork tenderloin from the night before, not because I was necessarily hungry but because I knew that if I didn’t eat something before trying to sleep it was never gonna happen (this is also a pretty recent development but I CAN NOT sleep if I’m hungry…which is annoying). So yeah, I think that’s everything…I guess I better start writing things down as I eat them!


Take care,


Just a quick post here, I am BEAT. Crazy long day of working/cooking/running around like a crazy trying to get ready for the week to come…it’s gonna be out. of. control.
I’ll try to keep you all updated as much as possible, I promise! Sometimes, trying to remember everything you ate is really tricky…which is why I am trying to keep myself accountable by blogging it!
Okay so breakfast was 2 pieces of “banana bread” and half a small Cafe Americano with homemade almond milk, a pack of stevia, and a pinch of cinnamon. Then I worked for 5 hours straight and my blood sugar said F-YOU Kalea for about 4 more hours….I came home and had a cup of homemade chicken broth, 2 strawberries, and some more things I can’t remember right now. I made salmon for my lunch tomorrow and quinoa with spinach and pork tenderloin with apples and sweet potatoes for dinner…W said it’s one of his Top 5 Fave Meals 🙂
Now he’s in bed snoring peacefully while I finish up a few things…hope you all had a very productive and wonderful Monday!
🙂 Kalea

P.S. I would like to take a second and thank my wonderful mother for instilling in me the notion that dinner isn’t something that comes out of a bag or from a drive through. As I have gotten older and have experienced worlds beyond mine, I realize not everyone was lucky enough to have a sit down dinner and a well balanced meal every night and I am so grateful to the lady who made sure it happened every single night.

P.P.S. I am also grateful to the man who patiently waits in the other room while I say “5 more mins” on repeat for hours every night. W-thank you for giving me “creative freedom” in our kitchen, I love you!

Oh, I just had a fantastic lil gala apple with almond butter…nom!

Hey you!
How was your weekend? Relaxing and awesome I hope. Mine has been ultra busy, I spent Friday morning running around town. I checked out a new natural foods/high-end/fancy shmancy new grocery store where I got myself a green tea (resisted their version of a dirty chai, YES!) and a few other goodies, finally got a new water filter, stopped by my fave juice bar for a delicious Green Day (it’s a kale, spinach, cucumber and apple concoction) and got my hair done! I had another Larabar (this time apple pie) for breakfast and snacked on a new bag of Flax Snax during my appointment. I worked at the bar from 2:30-7 so I made sure to pack plenty of snacks before I went…namely, more Flax Snacks, an apple with almond butter, and a little bit of a Go Raw apricot bar. When I got home I had a handful of almonds while I made dinner; blackened salmon with brown rice and veggies (it was so good I decided to make 2 more servings, I had one for breakfast on Saturday and W had his for lunch atop a Caesar salad…check out his presentation! I’m so proud😊.

Saturday was all sorts of crazy, I had to work at the bar again from 9 am til 3 pm. Usually I’ll try and eat something before I go in for that shift but even if I don’t I usually bed up snacking on whatever delicious food customers bring in to us (were super spoiled during Farmers Market season…fresh bread and cheese, I can’t say no!) luckily my boss brought in a big tray of blackberries for us to snack on and I also had a piece of celery with almond butter and a Larabar (obvi), this one was banana bread (nom). I was seriously hurting for a terrible for me coffee anything this day but I stayed strong and even though my brain felt super foggy I managed to survive. After work I ran to church with my mama and W (we’ve recently started a Saturday evening routine of going to mass together and I love it!), then came home to work on compiling all the research I’ve done over the past 10 months..during this time I ate even more flax Snax and an apple, (ok and a glass of red wine) I was way too tired to cook. Now I’m going to bed exhausted, mildly hungry (Ok not really hungry so much as craving French fries) and seriously looking forward to a trip to SAMs with my mom tomorrow. I’ll definitely share my haul with y’all when I return!