Elimination Diet-Day 11

Sorry I didn’t really post what I are yesterday but I went back to eating allergen free.
Today I had coffee with coconut milk and stevia and black beans with roasted butternut squash for breakfast. It was surprisingly satisfying!
For lunch I had leftover coconut curry chicken that I had made for dinner Sunday (crazy delicious). It’s weird, I honestly feel like I’m eating a lot during the day but then when I write it out it’s really not much at all…which is probably why I’m always so hungry around 3. So today for snack I had some walnuts, and a kombucha. For dinner I made a piece of pork tenderloin and leftover risotto and then I had coconut milk “ice cream”. It wasn’t that great, think I’ll stick to my tea! Oh I also had half a banana w toasted coconut and walnuts on my way to dance!
Sorry for the late post, we watched American Hustle tonight. I loved it. Have you seen it? What did you think? Well, I’m off to stick a breathe right strip on the snoring bear next to me, night!

1 comment
  1. Ally said:

    I saw it, it was ok. Not my favorite. I think Louis CK was the best part.

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