Elimination Diet Update-My Weekend

Happy St Patty’s Day! 🍀
Not gonna lie, I am so over this holiday, this weekend really did a number on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually (I briefly lost faith in humanity).
So let’s see, what happened exactly? Well, after working at the bar Friday for almost 7 hours I came back Saturday morning and worked another 14! I know I had expected to work 17 like last year but I didn’t get a break during my 14 hour shift and- around 9 pm my blood sugar crashed worse than anything I’ve ever experienced and I was a wreck. It didn’t help that all I consumed was sugar free red bull all day and at one point I seriously thought my heart was going to explode. Not good.
On top of all the physical trauma I only made $400. I realize that I should be grateful I made any money but seriously? $400 for 14 hours of backbreaking work? Never again.
Obviously I wasn’t able to stick to my elimination diet this weekend, I had SF Redbull, a shot (or two) of Jameson, a PB&J and a few pieces of pizza. Oh well, onward and upward!

On a more positive note, I did discover the perfect dish to cook if you’re upset.
More specifically, roasted butternut squash risotto. Think about it. First, you can take your aggression out on the peeling and chopping of the squash, it’s a pretty violent task. Also, you need to dice up an onion and make that sonofabitch sweat. After you’ve gotten your aggression out its time to begin the seriously calming task of toasting the rice and adding broth to it cup by cup. Somewhere about halfway through you stop stewing and start spacing off, it’s kind of like meditation but at the end of this trance there’s a big ol heaping bowl of comforting goodness.

I used ghee instead of butter and nutritional yeast instead of parm to make this meal Elimination Diet friendly. Now my belly is full, my head is clear, and I’m totally relaxed. Namaste.


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