Elimination Diet-Day 8, Feelin Great!


so cheesy 😊
Let’s get right to it!
Breakfast, 1 large juice (kale, apple, carrot and ginger), some leftover Kombucha from the night before, coffee, almond milk, stevia, and a little vanilla extract and cinnamon (yummy).
After Barre Fitness this morning (I’m trying to squeeze in any extra workouts I can, I’ve been slacking lately) I came home and had a bowl of leftover chicken, veggie, and quinoa soup. I am the leftovers queen.

For snack @2:30-Apple Sammies with almond butter, a little flaxseed, and cinnamon. I also snacked on some radishes and had another small glass of green juice around 4. My blood sugar and general mental fogginess was a lot better today so yah!

Dinner-Brown rice, black bean and chicken bowls. Mine had shredded lettuce, homemade salsa, avocado and some nutritional yeast to make it taste “cheesy”. So delicious and so super filling.

For an after dinner treat W had a slice of my moms banana bread it smelled heavenly but I was prepared. I sliced a banana earlier and rolled it in some walnuts and shredded coconut that I had toasted in the oven. I then froze my banana slices and voilà! A guilt and allergen free dessert!

Also, I had a glass of red wine and waaaay too many macadamia nuts while I was cooking dinner, just keeping myself honest!

Sweet dreams!


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