Elimination Diet-Day 5, Comfort Food Cravings

Hi hi hi!

Day 5 is already over, this week is flying by (anyone else notice that the older you get the faster time seems to move?) Anyway, today was a bit odd in that I went back and forth between feeling really great (like right now, I’m laying in bed but I have a ton of non-jittery just clear/focused energy) and really shitty (3 times today I was almost positive I was gonna puke…YUCK). I’m honestly hoping it was just a blood sugar issue  and I’m not actually getting the flu, this next week/month/year is going to be insane and I need to be in tip top shape…so yeah, I should probably bang this post out and get as much sleep as possible! 

Today’s Meals:

10AM-1/2 a small Cafe Americano (espresso + water) with homemade almond milk, a packet of stevia, and cinnamon (OMG SO flippin’ good!)

*How I made my almond milk: Put whole, raw almonds into a container, cover with filtered water overnight, drain and rinse and then cover again with water, blend in whatever device you want (I have a knock-off magic bullet that works fine), pour through a cheesecloth, rinse once and really squeeeeeze every last drop out! I promise you’ll never want to buy this stuff again. 

11AM-Attempted (twice) to make a sweet potato and apple hash. The first one got super burnt and by the time the second one was ready I was over it and not even hungry anymore…I snacked on homemade flax snax and apple slices while I was cooking.

a little after noon my mom and I went to SAM’s for some groceries, I already posted a pic of what I got but it included some organic baby kale, spinach,  big bags of apples and avocados, a pork tenderloin (that will be great with this mornings potato-apple hash), 2 free range whole chickens (one is currently in the crockpot becoming delicious stock), more almonds,strawberries, 2 containers of Meyer lemons (my fave), some EVOO and a bottle of Cabernet (you know, just in case).

After I cleaned the kitchen and prepped some ingredients for this week W and I decided to go for a walk to my parents house, my mom had made stew and I can’t even describe how good it smelled/how delicious it tasted. In general, I’m doing fine on this “diet” but I’m seriously sick of flax snax and being able to eat a recipe that’s so comforting to me, that didn’t require any modifications was just perfect. Actually, I have to take a sec and point out that while I would have normally eaten 2 bowls piled high with parmesan and at least 2 biscuits with butter and then left feeling way too full and miserable, it was easy for me to stop eating after one and I felt perfectly satisfied. 

Now, just because I had willpower during dinner doesn’t mean I don’t get tempted…

After dinner, my mom offered Mr. W some of her incredible banana bread, she sent 1/2 a loaf home with him and it was all I could do to not tear into it as soon as he left the kitchen 😉 but I buckled down, finished up some work and then I even tested out an Elimination Diet-Friendly banana bread recipe…it still needs a few texture kinks worked out before I share it with ya but it smelled delicious and it tasted pretty good too! 

So now I’m in bed, hoping I’ll sleep better than last night and looking forward to the start of a new week! 



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