Elimination Diet- Days 3&4

Hey you!
How was your weekend? Relaxing and awesome I hope. Mine has been ultra busy, I spent Friday morning running around town. I checked out a new natural foods/high-end/fancy shmancy new grocery store where I got myself a green tea (resisted their version of a dirty chai, YES!) and a few other goodies, finally got a new water filter, stopped by my fave juice bar for a delicious Green Day (it’s a kale, spinach, cucumber and apple concoction) and got my hair done! I had another Larabar (this time apple pie) for breakfast and snacked on a new bag of Flax Snax during my appointment. I worked at the bar from 2:30-7 so I made sure to pack plenty of snacks before I went…namely, more Flax Snacks, an apple with almond butter, and a little bit of a Go Raw apricot bar. When I got home I had a handful of almonds while I made dinner; blackened salmon with brown rice and veggies (it was so good I decided to make 2 more servings, I had one for breakfast on Saturday and W had his for lunch atop a Caesar salad…check out his presentation! I’m so proud😊.

Saturday was all sorts of crazy, I had to work at the bar again from 9 am til 3 pm. Usually I’ll try and eat something before I go in for that shift but even if I don’t I usually bed up snacking on whatever delicious food customers bring in to us (were super spoiled during Farmers Market season…fresh bread and cheese, I can’t say no!) luckily my boss brought in a big tray of blackberries for us to snack on and I also had a piece of celery with almond butter and a Larabar (obvi), this one was banana bread (nom). I was seriously hurting for a terrible for me coffee anything this day but I stayed strong and even though my brain felt super foggy I managed to survive. After work I ran to church with my mama and W (we’ve recently started a Saturday evening routine of going to mass together and I love it!), then came home to work on compiling all the research I’ve done over the past 10 months..during this time I ate even more flax Snax and an apple, (ok and a glass of red wine) I was way too tired to cook. Now I’m going to bed exhausted, mildly hungry (Ok not really hungry so much as craving French fries) and seriously looking forward to a trip to SAMs with my mom tomorrow. I’ll definitely share my haul with y’all when I return!


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