Elimination Diet-Day 1

Welp, it’s the end of day 1 on this little journey of mine and so far things are going fine!
I started my day off with some overnight oatmeal ( I mashed up a banana, added some certified gluten free oats, chia seeds, a splash of almond milk and some shredded coconut). Then I headed to the store for supplies. I got a whole bunch of veggies and fruit and some chicken, salmon and some nice looking tuna I’m excited to try. Usually, when I grocery shop I leave with waaaay more than I need (ok tbh that happened this time too but it was a lot harder). I’m definitely liking how much more aware I am of everything I buy and put into my body. After I brought my booty home I decided to prep for success and washed/chopped a whole bunch of veggies. I made my own bagged salad mix for lunches, washed some fruit, portioned out 4 oz of each type of protein and threw away any old ingredients I had that contained any of the offending 7 ingredients (soy, gluten, dairy, peanuts, eggs, sugar and corn). While I prepped I munched on 1/2 an apple and some celery with almond butter (I ate a lot of almond butter today😜). Also I had a handful of Flax Snax.
So for lunch I made a piece of chicken breast which I rubbed with a little smoked paprika, super garlicky sautéed spinach, and the most delicious sweet potato I thinkknow I’ve ever had (all I did was bake it, and S&P and a little ghee but it seriously rocked). I also ate the other half of my apple with another teaspoon of almond butter.

My energy level was pretty good today considering I only had a green tea at breakfast and some chai around 3 ( I used stevia and coconut milk and it was pretty delish). I’ve recently developed a nasty “dirty chai” addiction…it’s a chai tea latte from Starbucks (I usually ask for no milk and add unsweetened almond or I get soy) and 2-3 shots of esspresso. They’re delicious but they’re terrible for me and I know it. So given that I usually have one of those or some other horrendous caffeine laden beverage each day I was seriously surprised I didn’t get the caffeine withdrawal headaches. I got pretty sleepy mid day but I didn’t sleep great last night and I’m sick (the lack of caffeine withdrawal may be due to my taking some sudaphed…idk if pseudo epinephrine works like caffeine…well have to see. Also, during lunch I actually sat at the kitchen table with zero distractions. I learned I need to chew my food more and set my fork down between bites. My mouth was honestly a little sore from all the chewing. I did have a few junk food cravings today, for m&m almonds and Bernie and Betty’s pizza but they were more interesting than distracting…I just remembered I had a handful of mixed nuts (no peanuts) around 2.
Before dance I had a pecan pie laurabar and for dinner I made brown rice with dehydrated veggies, asparagus, tilapia and lemon. It was so clean and so so delicious!

Now I’m laying in bed with a cup of sleepytime tea and a bowl of strawberries with coconut cream (recipe to come<–it tastes so decadent!).
Looking forward to day 2! Goodnight!!

  1. Hello =) May i ask what you are doing the ellimination diet for? Do you have allergies or anything?

    • Hi there! I am doing it for a couple of reasons: first, as a nutrition specialist I like to be aware of/at least somewhat knowledgeable about today’s most popular diets since that’s usually what people ask me about. Also, I was diagnosed as ADHD back in 2006 and many ADHD experts recommend trying an elimination diet to see if any certain foods cause an increase in symptoms. I figured it was about time I try it out 🙂

      • oh thats great that you are doing that. I think you must be a great nutrition specialist to test out the diets. good job

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