Elimination Diet Challenge

Hey hey hey!
Quick post but in 1 hour I’m going to start a 21 day elimination diet. It was partially inspired by JJ Virgins new book The Virgin Diet and partially because I’m always sick/I have ADHD and it’s very likely I have at least one food sensitivity (sad to say I’m pretty sure it’s more than one). So for the next 21 days I’ll be cutting out The Big 7:
1. Soy
2. Gluten
3. Dairy
4. Sugar
5. Eggs
6. Peanuts
7. Corn/corn byproducts
I plan to post what I ate/how I feel each day. After 21 days I’ll try reintroducing small amounts of each food group and monitoring how I feel/if any symptoms occur.
If you would like to join me I’d love the company! If you want to do modified version go ahead! If you want to tell me I’m crazy and this is dumb that’s fine too, really I’m just doing this for my own knowledge and I’m excited to see what I’ll find out!
See y’all tomorrow! Goodnight πŸŒ™

  1. Oh i just saw this. ok, I look forward to read about your days on it. I know its so hard to do best luck to u!

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