Five Things Friday

Hey there cutie!

So I’ve decided to add a weekly themed post to Fridays where I give ya a list of 5 things…these things could be “about me” factoids, things I currently ❤ or any other random 5 things I can think of. This week:

Five Things…That I’m Currently Obsessed With:

1. Texts like this:



2.Welcome to Night Vale. My little sis introduced this totally bizzare/hilarious podcast to me over vacation and I can’t stop listening to it.

3. Dirty Chai Tea Lattes/anything Chia. Dirty Chai=a chai latte with a shot (or 3) of espresso (OMG I dieee) I’m still trying to perfect my own low-cal, low sugar recipe…when I do I’ll post it here (duh).

4. Hot baths with some Dead Sea Epsom salts and a cup of tea (or red wine😜).

5. OUR NEW HOUSE! W and I recently moved into an adorable lil bungalow and we LOVE it! It’s an older home so it has a TON of character and it needs plenty of TLC but it’s really starting to feel like home to us. I’ll post pictures of rooms ASAP.


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