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Sometimes you just gotta pull yourself up by your laces and go for a run. Yes it's cold. Yes it sucks (at first). But once you get going it feels incredible. So if you're feeling less than motivated to move today remember you'll feel 1,000x better after you do it!

…yeah lets call this a new thing since I’m kinda out of apps right now.


Working out. Yeah..About that…

Alright here’s the deal. If you know me you know I like to/have to move around A LOT. I just can’t sit still.
That being said, I HATE working out. The idea of being stuck on a treadmill for an hour makes me wanna die. I also hate the gym. I don’t like how everyone is staring at everyone else out of the corner of their eye and then if I run into someone I know and I’m looking a hot mess because I’m sorry but I am not getting dolled up to sweat my ass off I’m gonna feel like a total Josie Grossie…it’s just not my thang.

BUT I know that getting enough moderate-to-vigorous physical activity everyday is super important and so is doing weight bearing activity a few times a week SO what do I do?

I plan activities that will fulfill my MVPA needs that don’t make me feel like I am working out.

For example, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go to a ballet class for an hour, on Mondays and Wednesdays I might do yoga, go for a walk/run, or do a workout video. On Thursday I usually chill and on Fridays and Saturdays I’m usually bartending so I use all the walking and lifting heavy cases of beer as my physical activity for the day. Sundays are also typically rest days but I have a mini trampoline that I like to jump on while I watch TV if my body is telling me to move it…like it is right now.

Tell me, what do you do to stay active? Do you like the gym or are you more of a DIY workout person??


1. My full name is Kathryn Lea but my parents didn’t want to call me Katie so they took the Ka from Kathryn and the Lea to make Ka-Lea (Kay-Lee). 

2. I’m left-handed/ambidextrous 

3. My greatest passion and mission in life is to end childhood obesity.

4. My little sister is my idol. She legit has known who she is since she was a baby.

5. I love blogging but I hate writing. Idk if that makes sense but when I “have” to write a paper for school I hate it but when it comes to thinking up blog posts I (mostly) LOVE it! (sometimes I get anxiety that everyone will hate it and leave rude comments).


6. I hate being vulnerable and this post has made me feel extra vulnerable x 1,000.


❤ K

Happy Tuesday!
Lets talk about skin for a moment. When you think of adopting a healthy lifestyle you probably think more about what you put into your body rather than on it. However, recent research suggests that a lot of nasty chemicals are present in products we use on our skin daily…things like phthalates (AKA fragrance) are being described as “obesogens”. They may cause hormone disruption which in turn causes some people to have an even harder time controlling their weight.
If you think about it, it makes sense. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and when we slather it with body washes, soaps, and lotions containing unpronounceable ingredients, that sh*t gets absorbed into the bloodstream and from there it can lead to T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
So! Before you freak out and throw away every single beauty product you own, download the ThinkDirty app. It lets you scan your bath and beauty products and tells you how risky they are based on the ingredient list. Easy peasy.
Some products haven’t been analyzed yet so if you come across something you own that they don’t have yet take 2 mins to submit it! Lets all help each other become educated consumers!


Hey there cutie!

So I’ve decided to add a weekly themed post to Fridays where I give ya a list of 5 things…these things could be “about me” factoids, things I currently ❤ or any other random 5 things I can think of. This week:

Five Things…That I’m Currently Obsessed With:

1. Texts like this:



2.Welcome to Night Vale. My little sis introduced this totally bizzare/hilarious podcast to me over vacation and I can’t stop listening to it.

3. Dirty Chai Tea Lattes/anything Chia. Dirty Chai=a chai latte with a shot (or 3) of espresso (OMG I dieee) I’m still trying to perfect my own low-cal, low sugar recipe…when I do I’ll post it here (duh).

4. Hot baths with some Dead Sea Epsom salts and a cup of tea (or red wine😜).

5. OUR NEW HOUSE! W and I recently moved into an adorable lil bungalow and we LOVE it! It’s an older home so it has a TON of character and it needs plenty of TLC but it’s really starting to feel like home to us. I’ll post pictures of rooms ASAP.

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but here’s this weeks Techy Tuesday!
Today I wanted to review a meal tracker app for ya because 1.) if I had to choose between watching what I eat and working out, diet wins. Hands down, every time. 2.) I’ve downloaded at least 10 of these things in the last year or so 3.) Tracking what you eat can seriously help you stick to your healthy eating goals.
So without further ado, I bring you the LiveStrong Meal Tracker (AKA MyPlate)
This tracker is actually my favorite of the ones I’ve tried (ie my fitnesspal, lose it, etc). It’s simple (unlike myfitness pal which i find to be way too busy as an app although i do like their desktop version) but the database is extensive (unlike lose it!) which is a nice simple design but lacks a lot of food items (that I eat, anyway) note: I haven’t opened up Lose It in a few months, it may have improved exponentially in that time…if it has and you love it please let me know!

It (MyPlate Meal Tracker) can also be set to give prompts reminding you to track. I have one set everyday for noon. If I haven’t used my tracker by 12 I get a friendly reminder from the app which improves my accountability (and sometimes annoys the hell out of me).

Try it out and let me know what you think!
Pics from the iPhone app:




hehe sorry for the lame Bring It On quote but seriously…it IS COLD!!! Right now it’s -13 here. Pretty much the entire town has declared it a snow day and  I am so thankful that W and I have a warm roof over our heads. We’ll be snuggling up on the couch with lots of blankies and chai tea. Everyone please stay safe and keep warm!


❤ K