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Oh hey, how’s it going out there in blogland? Good I hope!
Ok so where to begin…
My life and mind have kind of been in shambles these past few weeks. I’ve been staying at W’s basically living out of a suitcase while we try to find a place of our own (which we did btw, more on that to come), wrote my thesis (while super duper sick), and submitted my résumé for what I think might be my dream job (keep yer fingers crossed!).
This whole time all I’ve wanted to do is sit down and write a blog post. I’ve started at least 3 but I couldn’t get my mind to quiet long enough to make sense of what I wanted to say. Does anyone else get that? I usually think about what I’m going to write for a long time until I just HAVE to say it. Today not so much. I’m literally standing in a towel and I’m just typing whatever comes to mind. I don’t really know why. This is kind of pointless but I’m trying to stop being such a perfectionist (I’m the worst kind, like I’ll avoid doing things or finishing things just because they’re not going to be perfect). I feel like blogging is helping me with that though. Real talk: I hated 99% of my blog posts right after I published them. The only reason I don’t hate them is because I can see that someone out there (maybe it was you!) took the time to read, like, or even comment on them. It’s an awesome feeling so thank you!
This blog is currently getting a makeover (in my mind) but I have big big plans for her so stay tuned!


  Hey guys! I'm sickie (I wonder if being stressed out about my thesis has anything to do with it? 😒) so that sucks. As a result, my appetite has been shot to hell and nothing sounds good! I'm def one of those people who has to get mentally prepared for whatever they're about to eat (I don't know if anyone else actually does this, if you do please let me know I'm not alone!). Anyway, as you (may or may not) know, I am currently working on my thesis (well not currently) so I need to keep my blood sugar stable and energy level up (or as up as it can be). So I whipped up this lil dime of a meal and it was so good I ran and grabbed my phone just to share it with you! I'm calling it my Super Yum Sammie Whammie because I'm delirious, feel free to just call it delicious. Use This: a toaster small bowl a knife a fork 1 slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread about 1/3 of an avocado 1 egg tapatio to taste mixed greens (I used baby greens and arugula I got at the farmers market) roasted yellow peppers side note: you could use jarred roasted red peppers but I bought a whole bunch of yellow peppers on sale at Meijer last week so I roasted them under the broiler til the skins blistered, peeled, seeded and sliced them and then stored them in a glass jar. They're excellent and a great addition to any dish. Do This: toast bread to desired toasty-ness meanwhile, crack egg into bowl (I sprayed a tiny dish with Pam, sue me it's all I had), cover with a damp paper towel and microwave for about 2 minutes. side note #2: microwave times/temps vary yada yada yada. Just watch that sucker and when the egg white is all solid and the yolk is however you like it, hit cancel. when toast is done, smoosh avocado onto it using your fork, add a few slashes of hot sauce ( I like tapatio ) to taste. next, stick your mixed greens on top. The avocado helps keep them from falling off. then, delicately lay a few strips of roasted pepper over the greens finally, top with egg and a few grinds of fresh black pepper. devour. This, my friends, isn't just a meal, it's an experience. The crunchy bread, the cool creamy avocado, the sweet, juicy, peppers and tender baby greens, punctuated by the spicy tapatio and peppery arugula, all covered in glorious, golden egg yolk and fluffy egg white translates into something that I can only describe as heavenly.  

a lil selfie from Halloween Good morning! Coming soon: Avocado and egg sandwich, cold remedies, and dealing with stress! Have a great day! 💜K

Hey guys!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Just in case you’re feeling the effects of too much alcohol and too much sugar from celebrating here’s a link to get your week started on a happy foot:
Golden Retriever Puppy Cam

I’m trudging away on the ol’ thesis but I’ll be around to check in on ya whenever I feel like my head’s about to explode!