My #1 All Time Very Best Super Secret Beauty Tip (and no it’s not coconut oil)

Okay so before I spill, I’ll admit I don’t read a TON of blogs but I have been trolling the internet for a while now and I have yet to come across this beauty tip. Are you ready???

Wash your face with cold water.

Boom. Did I blow your mind?

No. Not really, but let me explain!

If you have even a little experience in the kitchen you know you should always use cold water when you cook. Do you know why?? 

It’s because hot water sits in your hot water heater (duh) until the next time you use it, giving it a chance to pick up whatever nasty-ness is floating around in there. That’s why hot water looks cloudy.

Soooo lets apply the same logic to our faces…would you rather use potentially dirty ass, drying, hot water on your face or clean, cold, refreshing H20? I know you’ll make the right choice.

What’s your #1 favorite all time beauty tip?


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