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  Hey guys! Sorry for the weird post yesterday, Tech-y Tuesday has been postponed this week because I got my hair done (finally) and I love it! Lets talk tresses. I don't know about you but all I really want is to have long, gorgeous, Victoria's Secret Supermodel, mermaid hair. However, I have very thin, fine hair that looks more like drowned rat than mermaid but thanks to my amazing stylist Leigh Ann I have learned some awesome tips and tricks to faking it! The Only 2 Things You Really Need for Big Sexy Hair (plus one bonus can't live without product): 1. Volumizing root lift. I use Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus because that's what I currently have at home but Leigh Ann used this and I have to say I see a purchase in my near future. 2. A good teasing comb. If you want big hair you've gotta be ready to tease the sh*t out of those roots. Is it good for your hair? No. Does it make it look super pretty? Yes. Make your own informed decision. Bonus Big Hair Tool: Clip in extensions. (gasp!) I know, I know, they may freak you out or whatever but I got my first set last year (or rather I made my first set out of non-human hair from a wig shop in the ghetto) and I am hooked! and when I tell people my hair's fake (which I do on average 5 times a day) they're always super surprised. The trick is to take them into your stylist so they can match your color and cut them so they look natural. I use these in Blonde Frost and they match my hair perfectly.   Do you have any awesome hair tips? I'd love to hear them! Have a great day! <3 K

yum Hey there, So guess what? I'm moving. Like right this second. It's weird to think I've been here for an entire year, I feel like I just moved in. I wanted to give you guys a quick update and delicious cherry jam recipe real quick since this weekend is gonna be crazy. side note I'm really not a big jelly/jam person so it's kinda funny that this is my second jam recipe I woke up yesterday morning and I needed toast with jam. But not just any jam. It had to be bing cherry jam (which I'm pretty sure I've never had before so idk where the idea came from) So, I headed to the store for supplies, ezekiel bread and frozen unsweetened cherries. My cravings are expensive. So anyway here's how I made delicious bing cherry jam: throw 1/2 a cup of delicious cherries in a sauce pan cover with a 1/2 cup of water and boil til you can smush those suckers once your cherries are sufficiently smushed, add 1 tsp of chia seeds cook for a few more minutes until jam becomes thick cool (or don't) and spread onto whatever you fancy If for some crazy reason you have leftovers store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. If you want to make a larger batch use the measurements/directions from this post. Enjoy! K

Good morning and welcome to the second installment of Tech-y Tuesday!

Today I wanted to feature a food tracking app since I did a physical activity one last week. Full  disclosure: there is not one food tracking app that I 100% love but if I had to pick, Fooducate would be one of my top Essential Health Apps.

Screenshot from Fooducate’s website:Screenshot 2013-10-22 07.13.33

iPhone screenshots:

screen568x568(1)     screen568x568

What it is: Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor, developed by a dad of 3 to help people make healthy food choices. Theapp grades foods and drinks on a scale from A to D (with A being the best and D being the worst, duh). They take into account a whole bunch of factors but to sum it up; fresh, minimally processed, nutrient dense foods are graded highest whereas highly processed Franken-foods score the lowest.

Why I like it:Fooducate is not funded by the food, drug, diet or supplement industries. Nor does Fooducate sell, peddle, distribute or otherwise offer magic pills, secret celebrity diets, and/or exotic supplements. They also have great Daily Tips where I get a lot of inspiration for posts. Topics include public health policy, food-related current events, health claims and other marketing tricks to watch out for at the supermarket.

They have a free version and a paid app. I downloaded the free one first but within 5 minutes I decided I HAD to have the full version and paid the $5 for it. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Do you use Fooducate? Do you have any favorite health apps?


Hey there! Hope you're having a lovely Saturday, the sis and I walked down to the farmers market where I picked up some gorgeous rainbow swiss chard, dinosaur kale, arugula, a beautiful eggplant and an adorable pumpkin that I can't wait to smash open and use in a bunch of recipes :)

Hey babes! I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday night! I had a rare night off with nothing to do so my sister and I had a girls night complete with homemade tostadas, pink champagne, tropical typhoon Mike n Ike's, twizzlers, and silly TV. (Yes, I eat candy on occasion) Now I'm going to catch some zzzz's so I can get up bright and early to troll the farmers market. 💜K

Okay so before I spill, I’ll admit I don’t read a TON of blogs but I have been trolling the internet for a while now and I have yet to come across this beauty tip. Are you ready???

Wash your face with cold water.

Boom. Did I blow your mind?

No. Not really, but let me explain!

If you have even a little experience in the kitchen you know you should always use cold water when you cook. Do you know why?? 

It’s because hot water sits in your hot water heater (duh) until the next time you use it, giving it a chance to pick up whatever nasty-ness is floating around in there. That’s why hot water looks cloudy.

Soooo lets apply the same logic to our faces…would you rather use potentially dirty ass, drying, hot water on your face or clean, cold, refreshing H20? I know you’ll make the right choice.

What’s your #1 favorite all time beauty tip?

The best way to future happiness is to be as happy as is rightfully possible today.
-Charles W Eliot

I am currently reading Flourish by Martin E. P. Seligman and one of the first chapters talks about a gratitude visit. Lots of positive psychologists agree that by reflecting on positive things each day, we can improve our outlook on life and overall well-being. So, here are some things I am currently grateful for:
1. My incredible family
2. Texts like this one:

3. And this one:

4. Fall weather
5. Medjool dates. I love them so much, it’s kind of a problem.
6. YOU! I absolutely love coming on here and seeing that I have a new follower or that someone commented on a post. I wish I could hug each and every one of you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to read my ramblings! Thank you thank you!

What’s making you happy today!?

Hey guys!
In an attempt to commit myself to more posts per week I thought it might help if I gave myself a few specific topics to write about each week. So far my ideas include Tech-y Tuesday where I give you a review of some of my fave (and not so fave) health apps, Food Diary Friday where I’ll share with you what I ate that day/week (I haven’t decided yet) or maybe a Meal Plan Monday! Please excuse all the annoying alliteration (ack! I can’t stop!!)
Ok so tell tell! What do YOU want to read about!? I’m here for Y-O-U and I would seriously appreciate your feedback!

But until then, here’s the first installment of Tech-y Tuesday!

what it is: Human, an app that tracks how much you move outside each day.

pics from the info page of iPhone app:

why I like it: it motivates me to make little changes, like park my car further away or walk to the bank instead of driving. Also I like that I don’t have to do anything except get outside and move! It does all the work for me! Finally, while I do try to track what I eat each day to give me perspective on my eating habits, I’m not a big fan of tracking “calories burned” for a few reasons:

1. Very rarely are “calories burned” features on exercise machines or other trackers accurate.
2. Seeing a large number of calories burned can result in overeating. How many times have you found yourself saying “it’s ok, I worked out!” and then eaten way more than you should have or something super unhealthy (guilty over here times 1,000,000).

3. Seeing a very small number of calories burned can be really disheartening and may make you want to give up on working out altogether.

4. It encourages you to go outside! I am a big believer in the power of fresh air and Vitamin D. I’m not a huge fan of breathing in recycled air while I sweat next to 40 other sweaty people but that’s for another day.

So yeah, you download this app, carry your phone around, and it tracks how many minutes you moved outside. Easy peasy.

How to get it: unfortunately it looks like it’s only available for iPhones/other apple devices. It also says it’s optimized for iPhone 5 but I have a 4 (the crappy kind) and it works fine.

Alrighty, so there you have my first Tech-y Tuesday blog post. Please let me know what you think, if you’ve tried Human do you like it? Do you hate it? What’s your favorite color? If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Oook it’s getting late and I’m getting weird. Til next time!




Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all got the day off and that you’re enjoying yourselves! I’m roasting a chicken in the crockpot, prepping ingredients for green juices/meals for the week, and having a nice cozy, productive day at home. I plan on walking a few miles to get some physical activity in while I run errands but other than that I’m taking it easy and loving it! What are you up to today?


Hi guys!

I am so excited for this post. When Cole emailed me about a possible collaboration I was stunned, I honestly didn’t think anyone really read this blog except for my mom (hi mom!) and maybe a few random passerby’s. After checking out his blog, Cole’s Mill, I realized he’s legit his blog is full of really great information on all things healthy eating. As a self-proclaimed foodie and avid traveler he has picked up some really great tricks for eating healthy on the road and I can’t wait to share them (and a few of my own) with you!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet on Track While Vacationing

When traveling, dieting can often seem challenging. Luckily, there are easy ways to maintain a healthy diet while vacationing. As you read this article, you’ll learn how to stay healthy while on vacation. 



The meals offered during your flight are often prepackaged, processed meals that are full of sodium. To avoid consuming unhealthy foods during your flight, eating a healthy meal beforehand is critical. If you are too rushed to eat before your flight, packing healthy snacks like raw almonds or protein bars is a must. Other ways to stay healthy before and after your flight include taking the stairs instead of the escalator and staying active during layovers.

Kalea’s Tip: Check out this list of airport snacks with 150 calories or less from Self.

At Your Hotel

Another factor that tends to impact your diet during a vacation is the meals offered by your hotel. Instead of indulging in sugary, starchy items like pancakes, waffles, pastries, and cereal included in the hotel’s continental breakfast, come prepared. By simply loading up on things like fruits, veggies, and nuts from a nearby store, you can be sure you’ll avoid unhealthy meals. Another way to dodge diet disruptions during your hotel stay is to pack easily microwaved foods like oatmeal or soup. You can even bring a small crock-pot for quick, healthy meals. Whey protein powder is another nutritious, travel-friendly item that can be simply mixed into a glass of water or milk. If you choose to give room service a try, be sure to provide specific requests like salads without creamy dressings or a fresh fruit bowl.

Locating a Healthy Restaurant

When trying to find a healthy restaurant or hotel in an unfamiliar town, doing research is imperative. I recently took a trip south to Florida and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the beach body that I worked so hard to get. With a little research I found a great site that listed reviews for the restaurants and hotels in Miami that allowed me to gain all the needed information on the area. Simply looking up local restaurants online can allow you to browse the menu and determine if they have sufficient healthy meal options. Seafood restaurants are a great choice because they have a plethora of fresh fish to choose from that can be easily customized to preference, like salmon lightly drizzled with olive oil and grilled. Avoid restaurants that have mascots, as they usually represent fast food joints or places that serve bar food. Snacking on a handful of nuts or some fruit can help keep your hunger in check prior to the meal.

Kalea’s Tip: Healthy Dining Finder is also a great tool, just plug in your location and a list of healthy meal options at local restaurants is generated.

At the Restaurant

Generally, sticking to spinach-based salads grilled or baked meat and fish, and most vegetarian options will be diet-friendly. Easy ways to spot diet-friendly meals include locating words like baked, boiled, grilled, light, marinated, roasted, steamed, vegetarian, whole wheat, and more. At the same time, avoiding menu items that include words like battered, buttered, country style, covered, creamy, fried, loaded, smothered, stuffed, and more. Replacing side options with grilled veggies will boost the nutrient content of your meal. Finally, taking a multi vitamin with meals will up your nutrient consumption and keep your diet on track.


Clearly, eating healthy on vacation can be accomplished. By simply doing your research and coming prepared, you’ll be able to keep your diet on track while vacationing.

Thanks again to Cole for his great tips! Do you have any tips or tricks for healthy eating on the road? Leave them in the comments section!