Happy Friday the 13th!


Oh hai!
You ever have one of those moments where you’re maybe not feeling so great and then you realize something awesome? For example, you’re all snugly in bed and you do NOT wanna get up for work/school/life in general and then you realize it’s Sunday (and it’s raining!). Yeah, that just happened to me except it’s 11 pm and I’m stressing out about life should be asleep but I just remembered tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Ok before you start thinking I’m a total weirdo (which I am, btw) let me explain…
I was born on (February) Friday the 13th so my family and I consider it to be a very special/lucky day! I love that it only happens a few times a year and I love any excuse to celebrate an otherwise overwhelming, crazy ass busy, why the F do I have 3 jobs ohemgeeanxietyyyyy normal day.
I guess my point is this: find something to celebrate/get excited about each and every day because life’s too short to get caught up in all the “real life” details all the time. Mental health peeps. Get your Feel Good on.
Some more things that are making me😁:
•Ballet classes started back up this week.
Roar by Katy Perry. Sorry I’m not sorry.
•I met quite possibly the coolest 2nd grader ever today.
•W and I have a wedding on Saturday and I (think I) already know what I’m wearing. Regardless, it’ll be fun. He’s the guy every girl wishes was her date (or at least the guy I’d wish was my date if he wasn’t). He dances, he’s well dressed, and he’s always a good sport about taking pics.
•A lil cucumber, lemon, and mint cocktail I came up with this evening. Recipe to come. (Hint: add vodka🍸)
•This guy :

20130912-235834.jpgwho decided to hang with me during my run this morning.
•I did TWO couch25K workouts this morning (because I got lost during the first and ended up a half hour away from my car…seriously you guys, I’m so spacey sometimes it’s scary).
•I take my Comp Exam (it’s my schools version of a thesis) for my Masters degree in November. I can see the light at the end of the (very daunting) tunnel!
•Only 102 days til Christmas 🎅😜

Alright, it’s officially Friday the 13th now and I officially need some zzz’s! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! What’s something that’s making you super happy today? Leave it in the comments below!


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